Mixed Migration Foresight

Photo: Chris Liverani/Unsplash

Introducing Mixed Migration Foresight

This initiative brings together the Mixed Migration Centre, IBM and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to leverage their distinct capacities, relative strengths and sector knowledge to attempt to develop and test a predictive model on migration.

The project has been named Mixed Migration Foresight (MM4Sight) and aims at developing a conceptual, tech-driven, probabilistic methodology utilizing fact-based datasets from multiple sources and combined with first hand observations and expert judgment.

The project is quantifying numerous drivers of migration and by comparing those to the available data on migration, the strength and relevance of different drivers will be revealed, and how changes in drivers can impact people’s aspiration and capability to migrate. To find the connection between drivers of migration and migration itself, we turn to statistics and machine learning. We will build statistical models from past data that evaluate the influence of each driver to discover the strongest connections to migration.

MMC’s contribution

MMC as the project owner is contributing the expert knowledge in the field of migration and the unique data set from MMC’s on-going, global, Mixed Migration Mechanism Initiative (4Mi) that collects in-depth surveys from people on the move.

Such an approach will enable policy makers and humanitarian practitioners to develop better informed and evidence-based policies and interventions around the global phenomenon and challenges of mixed migration.

The project runs until July 2019. For more information, contact the project manager Helena Lassen (