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About the Middle East Regional Hub

The Mixed Migration Centre’s Middle East Regional Hub aims to provide quality information and analysis to improve decision-making for people on the move through the Middle East and along the Eastern Mediterranean route into Europe, as well as for host governments and humanitarian organisations who are involved in the response.

The Middle East Monthly Summary

A summary of monthly developments related to mixed migration by country - including reported arrivals, departures and internal displacement regarding cross-border movement - and discussion of relevant policy changes.

Monthly Summary Middle East, June 2018

In June, additional Syrians were displaced to Jordan’s border area following ramped up military campaigns by the Syrian regime to capture remaining opposition areas, with 60,000 to 120,000 people gathering near the Al-Nasib border crossing, which remains closed to entry.

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What we do

Our team of dedicated researchers and data analysts based in Amman and Geneva work daily to produce information and research outputs. Products include but are not limited to:

  • Monthly summaries of mixed migration in the Middle East
  • Briefing papers on mixed migration issues
  • Regular blogs and feature articles
  • Perception studies and reports about people on the move
  • Rapid assessments of issues relevant to mixed migration
  • Quarterly analysis of migration trends over time
  • Scenario building workshops
  • Large independent research projects

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