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About MMC West Africa

West Africa is a key migration region characterized by fast evolving and complex population movements. During the past several decades the region has seen particularly large flows of people on the move.

The West Africa Monthly Summary

A summary of monthly developments related to mixed migration by country - including reported arrivals, departures and internal displacement regarding cross-border movement - and discussion of relevant policy changes.

Monthly Summary West Africa, May-June 2018

In June, the Mixed Migration Monitoring Mechanism Initiative (4Mi) conducted 377 in-depth interviews with migrants and refugees in West Africa, including 100 people transiting through Agadez and Niamey in Niger; 200 people transiting through Mopti, Gao, Ber and Timbuktu in Mali and 77 people transiting through Dori in Burkina Faso.

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Migration patterns often present a continuum where individuals, driven by a variety of diverse and interlinked reasons, move both legally and irregularly within and outside the region, facing varying protection concerns. The multi-dimensional nature of these movements makes it particularly difficult to quantify people on the move, or assess their profiles, vulnerabilities and protection needs. West African countries subsequently face challenges in developing efficient policies and obtaining sustainable results in managing migration processes and protecting people on the move.

Lack of knowledge among concerned actors results in a weak understanding of patterns and conditions of movements and poses an obstacle to the development of holistic programmes and policies to address mixed migration.


The objective of the MMC WA is to support agencies, policy makers and other fora to improve the coordination of protection of people in mixed migration flows in West Africa. Its overarching focus and emphasis is on human rights, protection and assistance. By reinforcing the collection and sharing of data and information and promoting robust research and analysis, MMC WA aims to positively impact migration and refugee policies throughout the region as well as influencing programming and response by ensuring practitioners are well informed.

MMC WA hopes to act as a catalyst to stimulate forward thinking in the sector dealing with mixed migration. Further, it hopes to serve as an advocacy platform to increase support for the protection of people on the move in the region.


MMC WA works in three domains:

  • Information and data collection and dissemination
  • Synthesis, analysis and research
  • Support to programming, policy development and dialogue by providing knowledge, raising questions and instigating further thinking on mixed migration issues

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