Remediating qualitative data for cultural sustainabilty

Co-designed with Radmila Canic, Marie Ehrndal and Daniel Palmér

Kulturspotting is a cultural sustainability initiative that seeks to provide a transmedia focal point for neighbourhoods undergoing development through an alternative mapping of qualitative data.

The initial case study is the post-industrial neighbourhood of Norra Sorgenfri in Malmö, Sweden, where artist ateliers, galleries, music studios and other creative activities are hidden behind foreboding industrial façades, razor-wire fences and locked, unmarked doors.

The challenge was to present the existing cultural activities as part of a more holistic view of urban development, exploring how qualitative data could be gathered and remediated, resulting in novel modes of community engagement.

Design proposal

Connected by the metaphor of “detective work,” the working installation prototype features a digitally-enhanced scale model of Norra Sorgenfri that can be explored using a flashlight to discover multimedia data, in the form of audio and video snippets, which, in the initial implementation, are curated from the ongoing cultural and creative activities present in the area.

At the next stage of project development, participants will also be encouraged to venture out into the neighbourhood of Norra Sorgenfri itself, and, using the Kulturspotting app on their mobile device, document personal thoughts and activities of cultural significance. This user-generated material will then be uploaded to a centralized server and downloaded and mapped out to the scale-model installation according to geo-location, thereby contributing additional media to be discovered by flashlight interaction.

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Kulturspotting | October 2011