Telling the Real Story

UNHCR – the United Nations Refugee Agency

The design and development of a digital platform for migrants, potential migrants and asylum seekers in Europe from Somalia and Eritrea to share their stories. Facilitated by UNHCR, ‘Telling the Real Story’ highlights first-person accounts from individuals who have undertaken the dangerous journey through video testimonies in their own languages.

Working with the UNHCR Digital Engagement team in Copenhagen, my responsibilities included branding, design, information management and architecture, wire-framing, user-flow mapping, sever and hosting set-up, full-stack development of a highly customised, social-media integrated, fully responsive, multi-lingual, WordPress-powered web-portal.

The initiative has been a unmitigated success, reaching the target demographic audience in the 100,000s within the first months after launch.

Visit the live site.
Visit the site as handed-over.

Telling the Real Story | March 2016